Wellness Plans

Coming Soon!

Are you living on a tight budget? 

We care about your pet’s health and we want to make sure that the best care is affordable for you and your pets without compromise. We only recommend the vaccines and medical care that are best for your pet. We have created wellness package plans that are customized and complete. Pay a low start up fee and an even lower monthly fee instead of an inconvenient and unaffordable lump sum for all of the care 

All wellness plans are one year payment contracts with several affordable options based on your budget and your pet’s needs starting at $9.99 per month. 

Services included are spays, neuters, dentals, vaccines, blood work, exams, parasite prevention and nail trims. All that and a bag of chips, just kidding chips are bad for you! 

We offer multiple exams on our wellness plans along with late appointments and weekend hours to ensure that when your pet has an emergency you are covered with affordable veterinary care. 

Let us help you budget for veterinary care so that your pet is completely covered without breaking the bank! Manageable monthly payments? Yes please! 

Ask our knowledgeable team which plan will best suit your pet.