Blood Glucose Curve Consent Form                  

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Your pet is being admitted to the hospital today for blood glucose monitoring. A glucose curve is performed by taking a small sample of blood multiple times throughout the day to check blood glucose levels. Please provide the following information; it will greatly assist veterinary staff in providing your pet with proper treatment.

Have you noticed your pet drinking more frequently?

Have you noticed your pet urinating more frequently?

I, the undersigned owner or agent of the owner, certify that I am eighteen years of age or over and authorize the veterinarian(s) at this practice to perform the above procedure(s). I understand that I am encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions about any medical risks with the doctor before any exam/procedure is/are initiated. I understand that medical treatments, including anesthesia, are not without risks. Your signature below signifies understanding of the above and authorizes the attending veterinarian to perform the procedures listed as well as any emergency treatment that may become necessary. Your signature also releases Bensenville Animal Hospital of any liability associated with the treatment of your pet both during and after service rendered.

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MM slash DD slash YYYY